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Other EO Courses

Do you want to learn more? Here you find other free online courses related to Earth Observation:

Monitoring Climate From Space

Explore our planet from space and learn how Earth observation is used to monitor climate change.
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EO from Space: The Optical View

Discover how optical Earth observation data is gathered and used in this free course from ESA.
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EO from Space: The Atmosphere

Discover the role of satellite EO technology in monitoring the Earth's Atmosphere.
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Understanding Climate Change using Satellite Data

Learn how to analyse satellite climate data to help measure and mitigate climate change.
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Disruptive Technology and New Space

A look at the future technology and innovations in Earth Observation.
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Drought Assessment and Monitoring from Space

How can Droughts be quantified, assessed and monitored from space.
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EO from Space: The Cryosphere

Explore the Cryosphere from Space in this free MOOC from ESA.
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Greenland: The Frozen Frontier

Learn how the Greenland ice sheet is monitored from space and the ground. lkvfjnxfvkb jdvfnxkjvfbjdlfv
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Space for International Development Assistance

This 'MOOC' looks at the benefits of Earth Observation for International Development Assistance.
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