Land in Focus – Urban Spaces

Urbanization is changing our planet. About half of the world’s population already lives in cities. By 2050 that proportion is expected to rise to two-thirds. The loss of vegetation and the sprawl of impervious surfaces that are connected to this process are the cause of many problems societies have to face in the future. On the social level cities in the southern hemisphere are experiencing an uptick in unregulated settling resulting in the sprawl of slums, leaving large amounts of people in dire situations cut off from the most basic needs of daily life.

Remote sensing can help to better understand those problems by capturing the changes in urban areas. Besides just visual observations, it also can provide quantification and more detailed information on the impacts of those changes, and thus provide decision-makers with valuable information.

The hands-on lessons in this course will teach you:

  • How to map urban areas using high-resolution data in Google Earth Engine
  • How to quantify urban heat islands in cities in Google Earth Engine
  • How to visually delineate slum areas
  • How to predict slum areas using an advanced classification algorithm in R for the city of Lagos in Nigeria

Note: you do not have to take the lessons in any particular order.

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