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Towards Zero Hunger – Hands-on: Time Series Analysis of Vegetation Index & Change Detection

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Let’s start by reviewing the data sets, the processing software or platform, and the region covered in the hands-on tutorial.

Data sets

You load the analysis-ready data directly into Google Earth Engine (GEE).

EO data Data Characteristics
Optical data: Landsat 8
Analysis-ready data:
USGS Landsat 8 Level 2, Collection 2, Tier 1

Provider: USGS
– 19 Bands: Surface reflectance for different wavelengths (7), and a variety of additional bands
– Resolution: 30 m
– Analysis-ready data: Surface reflectance image –
‘Estimation of the fraction of incoming solar radiation that is reflected from Earth’s surface to the Landsat sensor by correcting for the artefacts from the atmosphere, illumination, and viewing geometry.

Processing Software/Platform

Google Earth Engine (GEE) is used for the processing of the EO data.

Region of Interest

The region of interest is located in Mato Grosso, Brazil