Towards Zero Hunger – EO Data, Tools & Techniques

Welcome to the module ‘EO Data, Tools & Techniques‘ of Towards Zero Hunger.

Here, you can inform yourself about the data, tools, and techniques used in EO.

This module is part of a series of online learning materials.

Towards Zero Hunger will give you insights into the potential of remote sensing technologies to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger.

What will you learn?

EO data, tools and techniques encompass a wide array of technologies and methodologies used to gather, process, analyze, and interpret information about the Earth’s surface, atmosphere, oceans, and other environmental parameters.

In this module, you’ll discover concise insights into the EO data, tools, and techniques utilized in the Towards Zero Hunger hands-on tutorials.

EO Techniques

EO Processing & Analysis Techniques

EO Tools

EO Processing Software, Platforms…

EO Data

EO Data Characteristics, Measurements, Providers…

EO Missions

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