Land in Focus – Basics of Remote Sensing

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  • Akash Senthilkumaran

    February 2, 2022 at 11:26 pm

    Hi, I am not able to get this part where water is compared to grass on the basis of spectral reflectance. They dont seem to have subtle differences in spectral response in this case.

    • Kai Heckel

      February 7, 2022 at 11:59 am

      Dear Akash,

      thank you for your question.

      Indeed, water and grass did not feature spectral signatures with only subtle but major differences in the given example. The different reflection patterns in this case were used to provide an example for curves that clearly indicate different interactions in terms of absorption and reflection.

      A typical example for more subtle differences are the spectral responses of forests and croplands, which can be inseparable for sensors with poor spectral/temporal resolution.

      Hope this helps,
      the EO College Team

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