The project “Remote Sensing in Schools” aims at a more intensive use of remote sensing in school lessons.

For the teachers, the first steps into the subject should be as easy as possible.

Therefore, we …

  • developed a new didactical concept.
  • conceptualised a comprehensive learning portal concerned with remote sensing.
  • developed innovative, interactive and digital learning modules intended to provide secondary school puplis with an understanding of a wide range of remote sensing techniques.
  • created interactive research and analysis tools linked to remote sensing.
  • devised background information such as didactical commentaries, guidelines for course and lesson planning etc. for an implementation of remote sensing in school lessons.
  • conceptualised learning materials for primary education.
  • developed a learning management system.

All of the learning materials developed in FIS are available for free via the FIS learning portal (

The FIS Remote Sensing Education Initiative is coordinated by
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Geographisches Institut,
AG Geomatik