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Introduction to SNAP

What is SNAP?

ESA’s Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) is a set of toolboxes, developed for the processing and analysis of Earth observation data.

This software is free to use and open source.

The following video tutorial gives you an introduction into the usage of the Sentinel-1 toolbox.

SNAP Toolboxes

Sentinel-1 Toolbox

The Sentinel-1 Toolbox (S1TBX) consists of a collection of processing tools, data product readers and writers and a display and analysis application to support the large archive of data from ESA SAR missions including SENTINEL-1, ERS-1 & 2 and ENVISAT, as well as third party SAR data from ALOS PALSAR, TerraSAR-X, COSMO-SkyMed and RADARSAT-2. The various processing tools could be run independently from the command-line and also integrated within the graphical user interface. The Toolbox includes tools for calibration, speckle filtering, coregistration, orthorectification, mosaicking, data conversion, polarimetry and interferometry.

The Sentinel-1 Toolbox is being developed for ESA by Array Systems Computing in partnership with DLRBrockmann Consult and OceanDataLab.

Sentinel-2 Toolbox

The Sentinel-2 Toolbox consists of a rich set of visualisation, analysis and processing tools for the exploitation of optical high-resolution products including the upcoming Sentinel-2 MSI sensor. As a multi-mission remote sensing toolbox, it also provides support for third party data from RapidEye, SPOT, MODIS (Aqua and Terra), Landsat (TM) and others.

The Sentinel-2 Toolbox is being developed for ESA by CS in partnership with Brockmann Consult, CS ROMANIA, Telespazio Vega Deutschland, INRA and UCL.

Sentinel-3 Toolbox

The Sentinel-3 Toolbox consists of a rich set of visualisation, analysis and processing tools for the exploitation of OLCI and SLSTR data from the upcoming Sentinel-3 mission. As a multi-mission remote sensing toolbox, it also supports the ESA missions Envisat (MERIS & AATSR), ERS (ATSR), SMOS as well as third party data from MODIS (Aqua and Terra), Landsat (TM), ALOS (AVNIR & PRISM) and others. The various tools can be run from an intuitive desktop application or via a command-line interface. A rich application programming interface allows for development of plugins using Java or Python.

The Sentinel-3 Toolbox is being developed for ESA by Brockmann Consult in partnership with the University of ReadingC-S FranceACRI-ST and Array.


The project SMOS Toolbox for SNAP (SMOS-Box) has been brought into life in order to support users of data acquired by ESA’s Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission.

SNAP and the SMOS-Box are user tools which ESA/ESRIN is providing free of charge to the Earth Observation Community. The SMOS-Box software is developed by Brockmann Consult under ESA contract.

Download SNAP

You can either download SNAP from the Link above or use the direct links for your operating system below.

Ready? Let’s go!

You have two options to download the data. You can either make use of what you’ve learned in the topic Sentinel-1 Data Access in the previous. We are using the following data set:

  • S1B_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20170818T054243_20170818T054308_006990_00C503_DDB3

Or you can download the data directly here:

This is a direct link to download the data from the Copernicus Scihub (log in required).

In case you have a slow internet connection, you can alternatively download a subset of the above mentioned data here.


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