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Access & Overview

The LearnDash course builder provides an easy, intuitive way to build out your courses. You can add new sections, lessons, topics & quizzes without ever leaving the page. This article explains how to use every aspect of the course builder to make creating & editing courses a breeze.

The course builder is enabled by default, but if you don’t see it when editing your course, double-check that it’s enabled in your global course settings.

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Access the Course Builder

There are a few ways you can access the LearnDash course builder.

For Existing Courses

If you’ve already created a course:

  1. Navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > COURSES
  2. Hover over an existing course
  3. Click the “Builder” link
LearnDash course builder link on all courses

Alternatively, you can click on the course title or “Edit” link to bring up the “Edit Course” page. Once there, click the “Builder” tab in the top navigation bar.

LearnDash course top navigation tab

Creating Your First Course?

  1. Navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > COURSES
  2. Click the “Add New” button at the top of the page
  3. Click the “Builder” tab in the top navigation bar

Course Builder Overview

At the top of the course builder, you’ll see:

LearnDash course builder admin, top area
  • The total number of steps in the course
    • This is comprised of all lessons, topics & quizzes that have been assigned to the course
  • An “Undo” link, after you’ve made your first edit
  • A link to “Expand All” or “Collapse All” course steps
    • This makes it easier to see all steps at once, and more quickly rearrange, add or remove course steps

Immediately following this, you’ll see all of your course content. This is where you’ll spend the majority of your time building out your course.

LearnDash course builder admin, main area