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Webinar Series on Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and its Applications

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5th November – 6th December 2019

Hyperspectral Remote sensing also known as imaging spectrometry emerged as a promising technology for detection and identification of minerals, terrestrial vegetation, man-made materials and backgrounds. Hyperspectral remote sensing deals with measurements in a large number of narrow spectral bands over a contiguous spectral range. Because of its ability to detect narrow absorption features hyperspectral data has significantly found usage in different applications, especially the capability to extract quantitative information. This technology has been used for mineral exploration, identification and mapping of abundances of specific minerals, ecosystem monitoring, monitoring of coastal and inland waters, mapping the variability of soil properties, insect damage etc.

The CEOS Working Group on Capacity Building & Data Democracy (WGCapD) is offering a series of webinars on hyperspectral remote sensing.

Prepare with the EO College resource on the basics of imaging spectroscopy

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  • This could be very interesting and they claim the webinar is open to participants from all countries but it doesn’t work. In the registration form, you have to choose your affiliation as one of the Indian institutes, you have to fill in your name in Hindi, your father’s name as it appears on your 10th grade certificate (no idea what it is… we don’t have anything like this in my country), zip code must only contain numbers (while our zip-codes also contain letters) etc. Omitting anything of these means you don’t get further on with the registration.

  • (typo; it should be “10th standard certificate”)