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[WEBINAR] Earth Observation for Sustainable Development: Satellite based services for water management

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This Webinar is provided by DHI.

The successful implementation and monitoring of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) initiatives requires access to reliable data and information on water related issues. There is a growing awareness that Earth Observation data has the potential to serve these data needs especially in the context of international developing assistance.
Through the lens of specific use cases implemented under the EO4SD project on Water resource management ( the webinar will provide examples of how the latest generation of freely accessible satellites can help countries better measure and manage their water resources and as support for the monitoring requirements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Topics will amongst others include the use of Earth Observation for monitoring extent, volume and quality of surface water; Earth Observation in support of natural risk management and Earth Observation for mapping extent of crops and agricultural water use. The webinar is targeted at water practitioners of all levels, including donors, policy-makers, technical staff and water educators.

During this 40 minutes’ free webinar (including a “Question-Answer” session), you will receive:
• An introduction to Earth Observation for Water Resource Management
• Examples of applied Earth Observation thematically split between:
   o Surface water dynamics
   o Natural disaster management
   o Water and agriculture
• “Questions & Answers” to the expert

The webinar will take place on 6 November at 09:00 UTC and again at 15:00 UTC on Thursday 7 November. Pick the time that suits you best!

Prepare with the EO College resource on Radar Remote Sensing techniques for Water

This resource introduces water as the key variable in the hydrosphere of the Earth. It gives insights into the distribution of water on Earth and the importance of the hydrologic cycle. The physical properties of water are described and linked to the properties of Radar Remote Sensing.

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