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The driver patted the steering wheel: “Did you really abduct a girl?”? What if I lose him now? Min Jingfeng sighed, thought about Lin Cha, thought about her eating steamed buns, both sides of the cheeks bulged, like a squirrel. The mood can be said to be suddenly enlightened. Min Jingfeng put his hand on the other’s shoulder and said, “You can choose any road and keep driving. Their license plate number is B GT269.” The driver thought it was strange to choose a random road to chase a car that had disappeared? Does it depend on fate? But for some reason, he did not refute it, but really continued to drive. After a while, there was a traffic light, and the driver saw the car they were looking for parked not far away. This is amazing! At that time, it was a well-shaped intersection, and he chose a direction at random, but he really caught up with it! Did they really abduct a girl? Should we call the police first? Min Jingfeng: “First determine whether it is, if it is natural to call the police.” “You’re not sure?” The driver said as he drove. “If not, I will make a trip for nothing, I will lose the fare, and you will lose nothing.”. If so, do you think it’s worthwhile to save an abducted girl? When Min Jingfeng said this, he realized that the pain on his body seemed to have disappeared. Min Jingfeng lifted his sleeve and saw that the pattern that had turned into thick black had turned back into light black. Compared with the previous pain, it can be ignored now. He frowned. How? The last time there was such a situation,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Lin Cha gave the explanation that the black gas on the person who asked for help slowly disappeared. Now he knew that the person who asked for help was the girl named Li Lili, Lin Cha had told him some time ago, but he did not go to help her, how could the black gas on her body disappear? Did Lin Cha help the girl at school? Lin Cha is not at school. She is now sitting on a small stool next to her and touching her growling stomach. She is hungry. Breakfast did not eat much, lunch did not eat to run out, or the age of long body, natural hunger is also very fast. But now there is nothing,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, and her heart is actually a little uneasy, this group of people is not kidnapping, nor ready to ask her parents for money, then she can live a lower chance. The most important thing is that she is now in a particularly unlucky stage, but also have to add a black Li Lili, how this configuration is not able to pass the configuration. Lin Cha did not dare to think deeply about this aspect, and she was studying another problem in her mind. When will Li Lili come to see her? Because if the next person to come to her is not Li Lili, then she will have to throw caution to the wind. Lin Cha simulated the scene of fighting with people many times in her mind, but in fact she still understood that the physical gap was too big to rely on tools, but she also had an unlucky constitution, when the tools might fail at once, the situation was really not optimistic at all. Squeak. While Lin Cha was thinking about these things, Lin Cha heard the sound of the door slowly opening. Lin Chaxin suddenly lifted up, holding a small electric shock device tightly in her hand, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Sulphate price, which was placed in her shoes. She had it in every pair of shoes. It was specially made. It was only the size of a pen. It could be unlocked by fingerprints, which could make people weak all over. But she had not used it. The most worrying thing was that she was afraid that her unlucky constitution would easily break out. Even if she pressed it down, it would fail. Fortunately, at this time, I saw the person who came in wearing a school uniform. It was Li Lili. With a sigh of relief, Lin Cha hurried up and said, “Lily, are you all right?” Li Lili froze for a moment, she clearly knew that she was with those people, but also care about her? Li Lili lowered her head and said, “I’m all right.” You Lin Cha thought, “I have a big deal, don’t I?” “You wanted to call the police. They thought you saw something,” Li said in a low voice. Lin Cha: … See what? She didn’t see anything. You knocked on our door at that time and called the police. Li Lili said.
Lin Cha: “…” Oh, so I magically got the wrong address again, right? Embarrassed, Lin Cha said, “Min Jingfeng didn’t go to school. I got his address from the head teacher and came to him.”. I didn’t know I was knocking on your door. Li Lili thought about it and was very angry in her heart. She whispered, “But it’s useless now.” You’re here. Why won’t you let you go? Lin Cha sighed and said, “Are you short of money?”? Why don’t you call my parents? Want some money? They’re not short of money, and they’re afraid of your parents and your brother. If you make a big fuss, you’ll be in trouble. Without tears, Lin Cha sighed and said, “So I’m going to die?” Lin Cha is quite calm, probably because this matter has exceeded her psychological tolerance, so there is no reaction that ordinary people should have. The most important thing is that Lin Cha feels that she can’t react like her parents and brother now, because the more she thinks about it, the more she collapses, so she might as well find something to do. And now there is really something to do in front of her, that is, Li Lili’s black gas. Li Lili saw her so calm, she did not know how to react for a moment, and thought of Lin Cha’s friendliness to her, whispered: “I’m sorry..” “Hm?” Lin Cha was a little surprised and said, “You are not sorry for me. You helped me today.”. By the way, I owe you a thank you. She cheated herself, found the wrong door, and cheated herself into this. I Li Lili gritted her teeth and said, “If I save you, I will be silenced by them like you. I’m sorry.” Lin Cha looked at her body black gas more and more heavy, took her hand, said: “It’s all right, you don’t think about this matter, you study hard,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and when you grow up a little more, secretly leave here.” Li Lili leaned close to Lin Cha’s ear and whispered, “I can’t live without it.” They’ll get me back. 。