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Catching ploughs, but playing with guns, many veterans still often miss the target after years of training in aiming and shooting. But whether he is a long gun or a short gun, especially a short gun, he can play at will. His competence and tact seem to be innate. Again, with some mysterious overtones that even he himself could not say was innocent. On one occasion, Brigadier Xi was lecturing all the officers and soldiers. Four bodyguards stood around Brigadier Xi, and Hei Wa and the rest of the guards of the guard platoon stood in the front row, sealing from various angles. Stuck in the path of possible shooting at Brigadier Xi. The black baby suddenly had a premonition that something was going to happen, and the feeling was like a rope. As he tightened, not his eyes but his head suddenly flashed a black barrel, and he suddenly rose from the ground. With a leap, he rushed up like a leopard and crushed Brigadier Xi to the ground. Almost at the same time, he heard a gunshot. The four guards standing on the left and right of Brigadier Xi, facing the audience, were still stunned. The bullet grazed the black baby’s left shoulder and pulled away. Flesh, Brigadier Xi is safe and sound. The murdered soldier had been knocked to the ground and carried away by the angry soldiers. On the stage, he immediately confessed the origin of his black gun as an assassin. Let him go! Let him go. Brigadier Xi said, “You go back and tell my eldest brother, don’t be too thin-skinned,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, don’t wipe your face to destroy me, send you this number of rice bucket steamed steamed bread cage.” You can’t do anything by shooting a black gun. Even if you do, it’s too dirty! Brigadier Xi and Commander Feng are sworn brothers who became sworn brothers while studying military command in Moscow. Commander Feng He did not forget to persuade Brigadier Xi to continue his alliance with Chiang Kai-shek before and after the announcement of his opposition to the Communist Party. Xi Lu is in the province and even in the west. The only regular army in the north, led by the Communists according to their own ideology and organizational system, is now guarding the Guguan crossing. Saved a passage for the newly underground Communist Party. Hei Wa was then transferred to the personal bodyguard by Brigadier Xi. Xi The brigade commander, half joking and half serious, said,24v Gear Motor, “It’s a great responsibility to send you to defend me. Do you understand?”? I Xi Mou is not heavy. Yes, it doesn’t matter if one dies or ten dies. But right now it’s important that I don’t give people a black gun. I did. Without me, there will be no Xi brigade. Without Xi brigade, the Communist Party will completely become an empty fist and have no way out. Commander Feng sent someone to shoot at me, not because I was not popular with Commander Feng, but because he wanted me to change my surname from the Communist Party to the country. Do you understand? Black baby suddenly on a whim: “Black baby understand!”! Don’t worry, brigade commander, I have three eyes! Brigadier Xi laughed and patted the black baby on the shoulder. Brigadier Xi treats Hei Wa like a brother. A major military operation basically decided that the troops would be withdrawn from Zishui County. When he entered the Weihe River at the Guguan crossing, Brigadier Xi said to Hei Wa, “When there is a temporary shortage, you go back and settle down.” “Look at your wife, too.” Hei Wa took the opportunity to ask Brigadier Xi to let Bai Luyuan go with him to the four members of the brigade. The brothers were also able to go home, and Brigadier Xi nodded in agreement. Hei Wa and his party of five people all changed into casual clothes and pretended to go out together. When it was getting dark, the ploughman, Planetary Gear Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, who was living at the door, went to the White Deer Plain. The five of them went to their respective villages and agreed to stay at He’s home. Gather on the tomb of Boss Fang He. The black baby walked into the White Deer Village in the dead of night, and the ugly cries of the wolf cat and the cat Sichun came from the garden. The black baby knocked on the door of the cave. The black baby was softhearted when she heard the surprised voice of Xiao E and Zhang Huang. He pressed his mouth against the crack of the door. Say: “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, my dear egg!”! Your brother Heiwa. Xiao E suddenly pulled open the latch and pulled out the door. The hot naked body threw itself into his arms and cried. Unexpected joy is almost unbearable, Xiao E lies down. Crying in Hei Wa’s arms about the pain of Lu Zilin and Tian Fuxian who hung her on the top of the pole; and in a panic, he fought with flint to light the oil. Lamp, let the black baby see the scar on her arm and wrist that was strangled by the rope: suddenly the oil lamp was blown out with a puff, frightened. Wanzhuang cursed himself for being too careless, and lighting the lamp was like leading the way for Tian Fuxian’s militia, saying that he would take the black baby. Push and knead outside the kiln door: “Go and run!”! If I catch you, you’ll die! The black baby suddenly forced Xiao E into her arms. She closed the door from behind with one hand, and then carried the naked little girl to the Kang and stuffed her into bed, saying, “Everything.” Don’t say it, I know all about it. He sat down beside Xiao E’s pillow. “They can’t catch me. Don’t worry, Guang.” Is to let you live in fear in the house. Xiao E cried again and jumped up from the quilt and hugged the black baby’s neck: “Brother Hei Wa, if we don’t make trouble with the Peasant Association, we’ll live in peace and tranquility as before, and I’ll be happy to eat bran and pharynx vegetables.”. Now people are so annoyed and anxious that they can’t tolerate us. How can we live in the future? How long have you been hiding? The black baby said, “Don’t take regret medicine, and don’t say regret words.”. I work hard outside to earn money, and I will send you money back in a few months. Come on, there will always be a day to bring down Tian Fuxian, and I will press him under the guillotine. Cock crows outside the window, black baby. She took off her clothes and slipped into the quilt, and hugged Xiao E, who was cold and shivering outside the quilt, tightly, Huan in the disaster. Pleasure implies bitterness, although the thirst is strong, but not dripping. Cock crowing came again from the chicken coop outside the kiln gate. The black baby broke free from Xiao E’s strong embrace, dressed, and stuffed a pile of silver yuan into her hand. Hei Wa rushed to the north of Hejiafang village, a pile of black Hovenia dulcis graveyard, and learned a dog’s bark, and the Hovenia dulcis also got up. Echoed by the sound of a dog’s bark, three people had arrived first, and only one brother was left. Four men lurking in the cemetery of the flag tree. Four directions, finally waiting for the last brother, kneeling in front of the grave where the body of He Laoda was buried with broken bones. Down, the black baby hung a pre-written soul banner on the branch of the trifoliate orange tree, and the sharp thorn on the branch of the trifoliate orange tree punctured his finger. A drop of blood soaked into the white hemp paper with the words “Chaotian Fuxian to offer sacrifices to heroes-five brothers of the Agricultural Association”. I dare not order Wax did not dare to burn incense, nor did they dare to burn paper. Five people passed a bottle of soju to the grave,Vending Machine Motor, kowtowed to the chief and then left. Here we go. A brother said, “Tian Fuxian will be busy again tomorrow.” Hei Wa said, “Scratch Tian Fuxian’s feet.” Tell him not to sleep too comfortably! 。