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What? You want to kill yourself! Xue Shenyi, who had been intoxicated with his perfect operation, suddenly said goodbye. Seeing that Huo Xiangtian’s expression was different and his tongue was slightly open, he immediately used the “scattered Ling Finger” to exert a little force on his jaw. Suddenly Huo Xiangtian’s whole jaw was stiff, and he could no longer use his strength to commit suicide. He quickly looked at Huo Xiangtian’s body and veins and breath, and made sure that the plaything was all right. After that, he shouted abuse at him with hatred! What a fierce fool … Hum, do you think there is nothing after death? You Have you ever thought about your wife’s present situation? Xue Shenyi’s words left Huo Xiangtian speechless, but he was a little. Also do not listen to go in, if you want him to open a door of the director of the play, it would be better to die to be more happy. ! What a cowardly hothead! I was wrong about you before. I didn’t expect Doctor Xue to return. To teach people a lesson, but Huo Xiangtian’s mind has been close to dull, completely ignoring the other side’s words of provocation. “Hey, hey..” What is it? The more you want to die, the more I want you to die! I want you to know.. What It’s called not being able to survive, not being able to die! Xue Shenyi’s eyes turned red and he licked it and sprayed it on his hand. The milky white mucus,Slate Wall Panel, followed by the soft long obscenity to be forced into Huo Xiangtian’s backyard inside! “Well..” Yah, um.. Huo Xiangtian wanted to clench his teeth, but his jaw was weak and weak, and he even groaned. Almost can not send out, but the lower part of the whole soft and hard stem has been given by the other side bit by bit into the anus. Face to face. Hum.. Although this kind of appearance is a little ugly, but this thick and long Yin meat “tail” is very useful. …… You see,Agate Slabs Countertops, it makes it a lot easier to play with your labia.. Xue Shenyi stuffed all the obscene things into his asshole. After that, he touched the root of the stem with his hand, and now in the honey hole on the top, his fingers were already able to Smooth access to the private parts of the body like a woman. Do you like my fat fingers? Ha-ha Call Then call me! Ha ha ha 「…… Whoo. Uh-oh.. The mysterious vulva seemed to have been touched somewhere sensitive. The owner of the body could not hide his excitement, and his whole body shivered involuntarily. Hey.. How about it? It’s cool, isn’t it. This is the masterpiece that this miracle doctor is most proud of, woman. Not only was the heart replaced by the testicles, but the seminiferous tubules were also filled with a large amount of “stinging animal fluid.” Let the testicles be touched so that the stimulation is several times greater than that of ordinary people. Xue Shenyi finished and deliberately kept stroking. Touch around the heart of the flower in the cave. (Ah.. It itches.. Pain, pain!.. Ah Huo Xiangtian couldn’t believe it at this time. Terrible touch. It was such an unexpected and keen stimulus! How about.. How interesting In this way, no matter how big or small the meat stick is, it will make you feel good again. And desperately cry out in pain. Although Xue Shenyi was forced to forbear by the other side and gradually lost consciousness, Carrara Marble Slab ,Grey Marble Slab, he was concerned about his own. He can understand every part of the transformation very clearly. And this.. Even the most comfortable and carefree lip-peristaltic vagina of women has been perfect on the body of Mengniang. It’s been reimplanted in your body.. Xue Shenyi let go of the big playboy, who was more sensitive than he had imagined, and followed. He put his finger deeper into the vulva. The operation here not only separates the penis from the urethra, but also gives you the same sex as a woman. Like a hole to pee through. Otherwise. Every time you relieve yourself, you have to use the liquid to flow out, and here. You see.. Doctor Xue kept stirring his fingers in his private place, and then the fingers he pulled out were covered with female specialties. Some wet sticky transparent things, a trace, a trace of sticky love liquid so there is no cover in Huo Xiangtian himself. In front of his eyes. Hee hee.. “Well, this is your lewd water.” I saw a pair of fat fingertips. Glittering and shining transparent luster, sticky and slippery a lot of obscene liquid, but kept sliding down on the fingers. “Hey, hey, taste it..” Give me a taste! Xue Shenyi stretched out his fingers covered with love liquid with a fierce look in his eyes. Dig into each other’s mouth, although Huo Xiangtian is trying to turn his head to resist, but the jaw has already lost its function. His whole body can only be at the mercy of others, licking his sticky and fishy special obscene liquid in his mouth. “Hey, hey..” There are many more in it. Do you want to taste it again? I will use this good thing to help you dig. What? Giggle Xue Shenyi, with bloodshot eyes, was like a beast who had lost his humanity, showing evil Yin in his mouth. Sen’s terrible face, a pair of hands began to take off his clothes, as if. To this enchanting and beautiful Jiao. Touch your body with your fingers. You.. You want to do.. What. You Dare. Whoo! What Huo Xiangtian said is not effective. Live, but the eyes can see very clearly, he is afraid, desperately trying to get out of the way of all this. Hum.. Anyway, there is no one in the world who is more suitable to be your first man than me. You just Be obedient and accept your fate. Anyway, in the future, you will definitely have such opportunities. Card, card, card.. It was not long before Xue Shenyi revealed his extremely short, atrophied, strange meat stick, although he had already reached a very high level. Fen was very bloodshot, but his penis seemed to be less than two or three inches in size. Go.. Go away! Nope Um. Ah Huo Xiangtian is really completely collapsed this time. At the moment of the man’s attack, there seemed to be a broken tendon in his mind, and his consciousness was completely blurred. Paste. The brain has become a large area of nothingness and blank. The next chapter,Calacatta Nano Glass, paste serve cherish incense, tongue Niang kiss serve the maidservant Option: Respond to the speech? Introduction This article ? Report a speech Re: Tsukagi Chapters 1 to 4 Collection Posted in: ffcd (IP Recorded) Date: March 7, 2004 9: 35am Be sure to refuel. I am a cross dress lover.