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Introduction to SAR Tomography

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to the facsinating world of Radar tomography. We developed a set of training resources for the introduction into this advanced Radar remote sensing technique. The material consists of mainly two components.

  1. A theory unit comprising Slides on Basics, Concepts & Techniques
  2. An interactive Python tutorial including a Jupyter Notebook
  3. Free Test data from the airborne F-SAR platform
  4. An explanation video on how to use the tutorial

Please find all the downloads and the video below. Enjoy.



John Truckenbrodt

John Truckenbrodt

SAR software developer

John is a member of the radar group at the Department of Earth Observation at the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena.

Video Tutorial

Theory Unit

Check out the PPT sildes in our resource repository, presenting an in-depth introduction into the basics of SAR tomography. This know how will help you to understand the mehtods used in the tutorial in detail.

Tutorial on Github

Download the full tutorial soucre conde and documentation from our Github page. The tutorial includes an interactive Jupyter Notebook for you to learn SAR tomogrpahy processing step-by-step.

F-SAR Test Data

Free download of L-Band SAR test data set for the use with the Jupyter Notebook tutorial. F-SAR is an experimental airborne SAR system developed and operated by the German Areospace Center (DLR).

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  • Thank you for the interesting tutorial, I want to ask about the phase files used that how are these generated? What was the formula used to generate the dataset?