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Free download: Radar Satellite Poster

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Radar satellite remote sensing has a long and prosper traditon. Starting with SeaSat in the late 70ies noumerous missions contributed to a vast range of methods and algorithms improving evironmental and earth system sciences. Since the 1990‘s very successful efforts, for example ERS ½, Envisat or ALOS provided large amounts of data to scientists, commercial users and public authorities. The establishment of different frequency band sensors in space also increased the potential of Radar remote sensing to contribute to many scientific endevours.

The establishment of open data policies, e.g. by the Copernicus program marked a paradigm shift within the field of Earth observation.Even in the future many follow-on missions will guarantee continous flow of global data coverages and maybe even an increase of variety, and therefore information content, in wavelengths.

In honor of this lively tradition, we’d like to share this Radar satellite timeline poster with you. Enjoy!

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