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Coming soon: HYPERedu educational resources on imaging spectroscopy

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Featured image: Copyright OHB System AG/DLR

While the current availability of hyperspectral image data is still limited in both temporal and spatial coverage, data availability is expected to increase substantially in the near future with a rising number of imaging spectrometers deployed on airborne platforms and the launch of space-borne imaging spectroscopy missions (e.g. PRISMA and EnMAP).

Therefore, the development of HYPERedu, an online learning platform for hyperspectral remote sensing to be hosted on EO College has started as part of the education initiative in the frame of the EnMAP mission ( HYPERedu will provide presentations, hands-on tutorials and short films on principles, methods and applications of imaging spectroscopy at Master’s level, addressing students as well as professionals in research, companies, and public agencies. First content will be published in mid-2019 and subsequently extended. In addition, the development of a MOOC with several modules and certificate is planned for 2020.

Furthermore, the EnMAP-Box, a free and open-source QGIS plug-in for visualizing and processing imaging spectroscopy data and spectral libraries, is now available in the latest version EnMAP-Box 3.

Download the posters on HYPERedu and the EnMAP-Box presented at the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2019 here.

HYPERedu Poster

EnMAP-Box Poster

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